Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Special

This is a picture my mom took of an old-fashioned orange slug-bug she saw. I wasn't with her when she saw it but we like to play the slug-bug game. Once my mom and I saw more than 22 slug-bugs in a day! And when we took a 9-hour trip to Pennsylvania, we saw NO slug-bugs! We figured that it was because slug-bugs aren't good traveling cars.
This is one of the many coasters I've made in glass club. It has not been fused yet. It is based on a plate I made that was unfortunately in the kiln when the kiln broke. It was too bad because I worked very hard on it and I liked it very much and was relieved when I was done gluing it.
I saw this grasshopper(cricket) when I was at my great-grandma's in September. He (she) scared me a little bit. He (she) is cute, though.

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